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Margins, Lines & Borders
Margins, Lines & Borders
Plants from local lots in Garfield Park. The paper was faded in the sun and blocked out with tape forming lines to "guide" my hand written text. I hand wrote my research onto the paper over the tape and blended in red pencil
5, 22"x 18"

Margins, Lines & Borders is research of the Garfield Park and North Lawndale neighborhoods’ history and demographics from the Great Migration. I interviewed neighborhood activists from the Contract Buyers' League, who worked to stop redlining in Chicago. The handwriting is an interview and biography on Clyde Ross from the Atlantic Magazine, "The Case for Reparations," by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The Contract Buyers League work to stop racist and unfair mortgage practices for black, west side Chicago residents a practice prevalent in the area for decades. The CBL attracted Martin Luther King Jr to their cause. MLK lived in Lawndale on 16th street for a summer to address poverty and, property and housing.

I wanted to unearth histories of the land to understand why the area is still under-resourced, to hold myself accountable to the land's embedded legacies. I want to better understand Chicago’s inequitable systems and my privilege. The work questions awareness and land's value of man-made borders, how it is owned and allocated. I believe the redactions, lines and borders in the hand written texts bring the land to the surface and contrast the personal text. Speaking to the vacant spaces, absences, confusion and conflicts.