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A two-for-one exhibition featuring: Hyperlink + Tiger Strikes Asteroid: Chicago

Daily Specials is guest-curated by local art historian and curator Lauren Hartog and features work by both local and national artists Ashley Eliza Williams, Cydney Lewis, D. Dominick Lombardi, Daisy McGowan, Debra Kayes, Don Fodness, E.C. Comstock, Holly Cahill, Ian Fisher, Jaclyn Jacunski, Julia Klein, Julie Puma, Karen Dana Cohen, Lynné Bowman Cravens, Matthew Harris, Summer Ventis, Theresa Anderson, Xi Zhang, and Zehra Khan.

Bringing together work from these two artist-led collectives, Daily Specials examines how the commonplace presents itself in contemporary art. As Hartog puts it, “art helps to refocus the inattentional blindness we develop for things we encounter daily. Though we interact with the creatures, things, and space around us, we often do not truly perceive them unless they are brought to our immediate attention.”