Portfolio > Marginal Green Goldfinch Gallery Chicago 2017 Curator Elizabeth Lally

neighborhoods, environmental racism, urban landscape, vacant lots, native plants, handmade paper, phytoremediators, redlining,
Site Device
Camera Obsura
Built Room 17'x10'

For Site Device, a 17x10 foot addition was built around a window inside the gallery, turning the space into a camera obscura. The image is formed by using an aperture of natural light from the gallery window in a blacked-out room. In July, the room gets hot, taking several minutes for the image to form and eyes to adjust from the change in light. In this piece, the chain link fence is only present in the viewer's perception. A prick of natural light projects the outside view of the fence from the Garfield Park space-upside down and backward. Inside the room, the landscape is turned -upside down and backward while also becoming more vivid with time.