Portfolio > Bold Disobedience, Weinberg Newton Gallery Chicago 2017

By Ways & Means
By Ways & Means
Chain Link Fencing
Dimension Variable Modular System

A fence is a predominant form in her work. It is minimal, devoid of color, scaled-down to simple shapes and lines, along with abstracted by its repetition. It is a gritty and sobering architectural object surrounding private property and vacant lots, which becomes charged when taken out of its context. Its geometry builds a frame and a viewfinder to observe the landscape and determine a composition. Its layered weaving mimics ancient geometric patterns and abstract maps.

The gallery space contains a layout of pathways that become layered and visually complicated. This visual queue signifies overwhelming issues of the social and economic systems that shape communities and leads the audience to consider the issues of class and race that lie beneath capitalist systems.

The pathways and shapes are syncopated around the gallery in addition to a relief fence that is installed on the wall appearing in struggle, pulling away from it, the chain link is bent and misshapen. These systems fashion a relational experience of life walking through the intimate experiences of spaces in Chicago coming from home to neighborhood to school.