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The Super Local
The Super Local

News Print (Printed by Newspaper Club) Graphic Design, Newspaper Rods
11”x 17 “ 8 newspaper folios, 10 rods

The Super Local are neighborhood newspapers created to amplify the voices of neighborhood residents. The papers build in color pulling from the paper’s CMYK printing range.

The work responds to a density of negative media coverage of Chicago's West Side, which creates a psychic mass, an overlay that can at times is tense and aggressive. Citizens who live in lower-income neighborhoods contend with these constructs daily.

The local community newspapers provide a counterpoint to mainstream media and the dominant narratives about these neighborhoods. Mainstream media builds off negative stereotypes, which often seem unreasonable to residents’ lived experiences. This local reporting communicates perspectives that are often overlooked -celebrating local achievements, talented people, creative events, showcasing the strength and the joy of community life.