Portfolio > Drawing, Randy Alexander Gallery 2017

Tears for Those Departed
Tears for Those Departed
Diptych Collage, pen, white out tape, graph paper, and cotton paper
17"x 22"

June 2016, Joe Biden speaks out publicly in support of a rape victim days later the Pulse massacre.
I was 16 and driving, listening to the song I Like Fucking, by Bikini Kill.
We could not be silent
So we screamed.
It was a violent time to be a woman to be queer.
Still is - more violent for others.

From a newspaper, to an essay, to a conversation, to a memory. The hand written essay was used by my friend Mashaun Hendricks to lead a restorative justice training with police and the residents of North Lawndale after a Guardian article exposes Chicago’s police torture in a blacksite building across the street from where we worked together.
Teardrops are loss of those forgotten, remembering their story.
Each tear drop represents a loss a love one to the community.