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Reflective,color mirror, ornaments inside a chain link fence with plastic 80's kids charms.
You & Me
Acrylic,plastic,eighties bell charms
50'x 4.5'

You and Me is a large-scale installation in the heart of the Avondale neighborhood using an enlarged form of charm necklace as a symbol of our relationships, promises given to one another,compressed within the scale of architecture.

You and Me is about our promises and wishes of friendships. The work makes obvious our care for one another by embellishing a chain link fence pattern with joyful ornaments in the antagonistic space of a vacant lot in an active neighborhood. How is the scale of friendship, care, and joy measured to our other forms of public life? This work shifts perceptions of a vacant lot in exchange for a vibrant connection. In the spirit of the exhibition, Jacunski uses perceived aggression between the constraints of a non-functioning, vacant lot and then actively shifts psychological structures by layering on it forms and symbols of friendship to explore and assert the importance of a community’s social fabrics.