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Dream Additions, at the Riverside Art Center Sculpture Garden.

The installation reassembles a batting cage to merge narratives of public parks, sports and play as a site of friendship and agency. The work folds in multiple meanings that go beyond gentrification and systems of capitalist property, to where the possibilities for a non-alienated life could spill into our desire for change in these times of distress and division.

A chain-link fence is an object devoid of color, scaled-down, and abstracted by repeated patterns. Typically, chain-link is a gritty and sobering architectural object surrounding and dividing private property and vacant lots. This object becomes especially charged when taken out of context. The chain link’s geometric pattern builds a frame to look through, to observe the landscape, speculate, and selectively view what lies beyond.

The steel chain-link makes a framework, colors engage and overlap with color fields that resemble Venn diagrams that depict the space where two things merge then create something new. The surface holds geometric patterns that become embellished with light-reflecting colored acrylic, providing a counterweight that mutates perspectives for the viewers who walk through and around the piece.